2016 Festival Schedule & Tickets


Buy advance tickets by clicking the appropriate Add to Cart buttons or call the Cultural Center at 508.394.7100. (Tickets will also be available at the door the day of the show as long as they are not sold out.)


Online ticket sales have closed for this event. We invite you to purchase your tickets at the door today before the 1 p.m. start time.

OFF THE BEATEN PATH PROGRAM (Monday, Feb. 15, 1 – 2:40 p.m.; Recommended for Ages 7 – Adult)

The Incredible Adventures of Jojo (and his annoying little sister Avila) (2014; USA; dir: Brian Schmidt; 77 minutes; Color; English)
A six year old boy named Jojo wakes up from a car crash in the middle of the woods. Reluctantly, he takes his baby sister Avila from the crash and plops her into his backpack. The two of them try to make it back home, encountering hobos, wolves, and raging rivers along the way. This film is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Part B-movie, part Little Rascals episode, this is an outrageous adventure that is not for the faint of heart. Parents will squirm and kids will delight at the adventures of Jojo and Avila. A unique film, for sure.

This film is preceded by a program of INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILMS:
Photo 1 DSC_7656Touch of The Rain (2015; Iran; dir: Zahra Jafari; 2 minutes; Color; no dialogue)
Rain is a pleasant murmur for beauties of nature. With a childlike view, this film tries to show that there is always hope for raining and even it is our own mind that presents rain to us in a dry. Screened previously at the Lake Champlain international Film Festival.

Photo 5 1F2A0182Homeland Calling (2015; Australia; dir: The Lúrra Collective; 5 minutes; Color; no dialogue)
In April 2015, Desert Pea Media was invited to deliver a two-week community engagement/songwriting project with the community of Maningrida, NT – a small and very remote community in Central Western Arnhem Land, Australia. The community of Maningrida is one of the most multilingual places on earth – with 14 different language groups spoken daily. Arnhem Land is one of the last remaining cultural strongholds for Indigenous culture, the word ‘Maningrida’ literally means ‘the place where the dreaming changed shape’. This music video features a group of very senior and culturally significant ‘song men’ who hold the keys to the ancient creation stories that have been kept alive across the ages. Five distinctive ‘bungul’ songs (ancient ceremonial songs) from different countries surrounding Maningrida are featured. The outcome is a remarkable piece of contemporary and historical significance that articulates all languages. Deemed by the elders as an opportunity to support healing and promote strength in diversity for the youth of the community, this project has far exceeded the expectations of its original vision. Homeland Calling also features some of Australia’s best session musicians – Declan Kelly (Declan Kelly & The Rising Sun) on drums and Matt Smith (The Strides, Thirsty Merc) on guitar. NB: The first verse was written by local songwriter and cultural leader Victor Rostron – naming ALL the major language groups in the Maningrida community.

Photo 6 palillos_5a_titolThe Great Adventure of Manel and the Magic Toothpicks (2015; Spain; dir: Xavier Pijuan; 14 minutes; Color; Spanish with English subtitles)
Manel, a spoiled kid, received a miserable toothpick box for his birthday instead of his expected PS4. However, this apparently stupid present ends up being the best present he has ever received. This film has screened all over the world, including: Adelaide Kids Film Festival (Australia); Children’s Film Festival Seattle (Seattle, WA); Publicystika (Poland); Mice (Mostra Internacional Cinema Educatiu (Spain) – BEST SHORT FILM; and BAICFF (Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival (San Francisco, CA).


Adults (18 & over):$10 / Children (Under 18): $5

Online ticket sales have closed for this event. We invite you to purchase your tickets at the door today before the 1 p.m. start time.


Questions? Problems? Email us: filmsociety@comcast.net



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