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Sebastian Junger’s Latest (and Best) Documentary

Last Patrol StillThis Wednesday, July 29th, Sebastian Junger will present a screening of his latest documentary The Last Patrol at Payomet Performing Arts Center in North Truro. Like his previous documentaries, Korengal and Restrepo, this film deals with American soldiers in Afghanistan, although from a different vantage point: home from the war and dealing with the psychological aftermath. I took a look at the film and reviewed it for Provincetown Magazine. Here is the review.

Follow-up to “Restrepo” Coming Soon

Sebastian Junger's "Korengal" opens this week in NYC.

Sebastian Junger’s “Korengal” opens this week in NYC.

Journalist turned filmmaker Sebastian Junger has recently completed a new documentary called Korengal. The film is a follow-up to Restrepo, which he made with the late Tim Hetherington, who was killed in Libya in 2011.

While Restrepo effectively showed us the experience of combat from a soldier’s perspective, shedding light on the difficulties they often face when returning to civilian society, Korengal was made to show the impact of war and conflict on the civilian populations directly affected.

Junger is a resident of Truro and  I am hoping his film will be shown on the Cape this year,in which case I can give you a full report on it. For now I just wanted to let my New York readers know that the film is opening there and its box office performance will be important to its future.

Here is an excerpt of the email I received from Junger last week to entice you:

“…my next film, Korengal, is about to come out on May 30th in New York. Tim and I had planned to make a follow-up to Restrepo, but a few weeks after going to the Oscars, Tim was killed in Libya while covering the civil war. I teamed up with our original editor and continued the project anyway. Restrepo was intended to give civilians an idea of what combat feels like; Korengal is completely different. It is meant to help soldiers – and civilians – understand the experience of war. How does fear work? What is courage? Why do so many soldiers miss the war? Why is it so hard to come home?

Korengal is completely self-financed and self-released. The upside is that no one could tell us how to make our film; the downside is that it is incredibly hard – and expensive – to get an independent film to hit critical mass and go nationwide. But that is exactly what we are going to try to do. If we sell out the Sunshine Theater (Houston and First Avenue) on opening weekend (May 29-June 1), Landmark will take our film nationwide. It will be a real victory for independent film – and for the whole national conversation about war and its aftermath.

In addition, a ticket stub from the film will get you a free beer or house wine at the Half King  (23rd Street and Tenth Avenue ) on opening weekend.   Below is a link to pre-buy tickets. Obviously the daytime shows are the hardest to fill, so if you can go to those instead of an evening show, that would be fantastic. Thank you so much for your support. I can’t wait to hear what you think of our film.”

–  Sebastian

Visit: for tickets and  more information